Baby octopus face painting - Nancy's Faces - Virginia
Unicorn - Nancy's Faces - Metamorphosis - Fashion Square Mall - Charlottesville
Snail face painting - Nancy's Faces
Tiger face - child - Richmond - Nancy's Faces
Face painting - illuminated letter with mice
Face painting at Wintergreen Resort - Nancy's Faces
Welcome to
Nancy's Faces - The Art of Fun

Face Painting * Henna * Glitter Tattoos

All artwork is tailored to your age group, your theme, and the nature of your event.
I serve Charlottesville, Richmond, Central Virginia and the Washington, DC area,
and will travel as needed.
"Your presence really helped make our festival fun and memorable
and you contributed a lot to its success..."

Lisa Landsverk, Vice President, Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival
I offer fun, safe, award-winning, professional face painting, henna and temporary glitter tattoos in the Charlottesville and Richmond areas, as well as Washington, DC and northern Virginia. Designs can be tailored to your theme, your event, and your age group. They are a unique, colorful addition to all types of public and private events: parties, picnics, festivals, concerts, mitzvahs, bazaars, conventions, athletic events, customer/employee appreciation days, grand openings, holidays, concerts, wedding receptions, family reunions - any occasion when you want something different that will make your affair outstanding.
Choose any or all of the following services for the same low price:

  •     Glitter tattoos - Created with cosmetic (polyester) glitter and medical grade adhesive,
  •     tatts usually last 3-5 days.
  •     Henna - Created with henna hand-made by henna artists, my designs usually last 1-3 weeks.
  •     Extreme makeup and special effects - I'm a master at creating zombies!)
Adult tiger face - Nancy's Faces - Virginia

Face painting for boys - lion cub - Nancy's Faces - Virginia
 PLEASE NOTE: My designs are not limited to your face.
Even though they are called "face painting," many of them
 can be created on your arm, leg, shoulder, or back.
Face painting - illuminated letter with mice - Nancy's Faces
Alien space ship - face painting children - alien spaceship
BlueFluvanna Fire Department Holiday Party - butterfly
Alien space ship - face painting for children
Kitty  face - Richmond - Nancy's Faces
Butterfly eye mask - Fluvanna Fire Department Holiday Party - Nancy's Faces
Virginia wine festival - grapes - Nancy's Faces
Face painting at Wintergreen Resort - Nancy's Faces
Jungle parrot - Nancy's faces
Elephant - Nancy's Faces
Gecko - Nancy's Faces
Snail face painting - Nancy's Faces
Cherries - Nancy's Faces
Adult tiger face - Nancy's Faces Face Painting - Virginia
I offer different designs for different age groups
and I love working with ADULTS.
You don't have to be painted like a puppy.
(Unless, of course, you want to.)

  I only use hypoallergenic, FDA-compliant professional face paint
that washes off with soap and water. I never use craft or oil paint,
which can cause serious skin problems.
Flames - Nancy's Faces - Metamorphosis - Fashion Square Mall - Charlottesville
Blue Pegasus - Nancy's Faces - Metamorphosis
Nancy's Faces - Metamorphosis - Fashion Square Mall Charlottesville
Like the look of henna but don't want to spend  the time or money? I offer henna-style face painting - Nancy's Faces -
Do you love henna, but not the
commitment or cost? Ask me for
henna-style face painting.
Contrary to popular opinion,
face painting is not just for kids!
I entertain guests of all ages at all types of events - corporate, government, private, promotional, business, school, non-profit, festivals, etc., and  I really,
really, really love working with adults.
Face painting - baby octopus - Nancy's Faces - Virginia
Whale face painting - Nancy's faces
Pink swirly adult eye design - Nancy's Faces
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"[Nancy is] able to make whole-face designs that could compete with the cast of the Broadway musical 'Cats'."

The Daily Progress
Charlottesville, VA
Nancy's Faces - face painting, henna, and temporary tattoos in Charlottesville, Richmond, Central Virginia, Northern Virginia, and the Washington, DC area.