Nancy's Faces - flag created for a festival in Richmond, Virginia
Painting Magic

Art / entertainment for all ages - kids, teens, and adults
"Your presence really helped make our festival fun and memorable
and you contributed a lot to its success..."

Lisa Landsverk, Vice President, Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival
I offer fun, safe, award-winning professional face painting, henna and glitter tattoos in the Charlottesville and Richmond areas, as well as Washington, DC and northern Virginia. Designs can be tailored to your theme, your event, and your age group. They are a unique, colorful addition to all types of parties, picnics, festivals, concerts, mitzvahs, bazaars, conventions, athletic events, customer/employee appreciation days, sales, grand openings, holidays, concerts, wedding receptions, family reunions, and any other event where you want something different that will make your event memorable.

Professional Services include:

                   * Face painting (washes off with any soap or shampoo and water)
                   * Glitter tattoos (usually lasts 3-5 days)
                   * Henna (usually lasts 1-3 weeks)
                   * Extreme makeup and special effects (I LOVE zombies!)
Nancy's Faces - Ghost Rider - Wintergreen Resort
Nancy's Faces/Metamorphosis - Ghost Rider - Wintergreen Resort
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Nancy's Faces/Metamorphosis - Tiger created for fundraiser, Charlottesville, VA

Nancy's Faces/Metamorphosis - puppy face
Face painting is wearable magic.
So, tell me, who would you like to be today?
Tiger - Nancy's Faces/Metamorpjosis
Nancy's Faces/Metamorphosis - Dracula
Did you know that "face painting" is not limited to the face?
Designs like these all can be painted on the arm, shoulder or leg.
Nancy's Faces - mermaid
Nancy's Faces/Metamorphosis
Nancy's Faces/Metamorphosis  - American flag
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Nancy's Faces - Art Deco Butterfly
Nancy's Faces/Metamorphosis - Art Deco Butterfly
Nancy's Faces - Adult cat face